How to Keep Your Sports Turf in Top Condition

Whichever sport your community loves to watch, chances are you’ve got some great sports turf in your area. This includes everything from football fields and baseball diamonds to skateparks and tennis courts – all of which play an important role in your town’s outdoor activity level and quality of life. But like with any other type of grass, you need to care for your sports turf appropriately to ensure that it keeps performing at its best on the field or court! And when it comes to keeping sports turf looking its best, here are the most important things you need to know about how to keep your sports turf in top condition.

Fertilize at the Right Time

Always use a high-quality fertilizer that is compatible with your turf type and that specifies a month of application. The best time to fertilize for cool-season grasses is just before new growth begins. The right amount of fertilizer will encourage deep root growth and give your turf a healthy, full appearance. Annual fertilization at 1 1/2 pounds per 1,000 square feet (about 2 ounces per 100 square feet) should be adequate.

Water Well

Sport fields require a great and healthy turf

Water is one of our most valuable resources, which makes it even more important to keep it clean. If you have turf that requires watering, consider installing a subsurface irrigation system instead of traditional sprinklers. Subsurface irrigation is more efficient, saving water and money while helping maintain a healthy lawn.

Mow at the Correct Height

The perfect height for mowing a lawn is 3-4 centimeters (1.2-1.6 inches). Mowing too short will rip at the roots of your grass, causing it not only damage but also leaving unsightly bald patches. On top of that, it will allow your lawn to become dry and more susceptible to browning out or even dying over time.

Rake Lawn Edges Weekly

This is one of those quick and easy maintenance jobs that most people skip but it’s essential for keeping your lawn in great shape. Grass blades at a 45-degree angle will dry faster, minimizing disease and fungal growth. Plus, dragging a lawn rake down your edges just makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something. (source)

Maintain Shade Areas

Shade areas get a lot of wear and tear, especially in fields like baseball. To keep them functional, schedule routine maintenance. Shade screens should be cleaned on a regular basis and trees should be pruned whenever necessary so that they don’t block your view of these areas. In addition, you should pay attention to any leaks from nearby sprinkler systems or drip hoses and get them repaired as soon as possible. You can also install portable shades for additional protection during hot summer months.



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