Healthy Lawn

How to Give Your Lawn Some TLC

You want your yard to look its best, so you’ve taken great care of your shrubs and greenery. Now it’s time to take care of the grass in your lawn — or, if you’re one of the many homeowners who are ditching traditional lawns in favor of more eco-friendly landscaping, your grass might not actually be grass at all! In any case, caring for your yard means paying attention to the soil, the water, and more.

Use Fertilizer

If you’re not already, it’s time to be a responsible pet owner and start scooping. But it’s more than just poo; in fact, there are several things you can do to help secure your lawn from pets and pests alike — and fertilizing is key. When done properly, fertilizing your lawn can get rid of grubs that may be munching on its roots.

Mow in the Right Manner

Why do you need regular lawn care?
Making good use of a water source is vital for your lawn and the environment

One of the best ways to give your lawn some TLC is by mowing it properly. To create a secure, green lawn, avoid over-mowing and use proper blade height, so grass does not go dormant or die. A healthy, thick, and green lawn should be your goal.

Mulch Your Garden

Mulching your garden will help keep moisture in it, making sure that all of your plants receive what they need to thrive. This makes for a healthy, secure lawn and promotes growth for many different species of plants. Consider using mulch around young trees or flowers and shrubs. This can help reduce competition for water and promote growth for these particular species of plants. Mulch will help retain soil moisture by retaining moisture and keeping it from evaporating as quickly.

Reduce Water Consumption

Water is a precious resource, and no one wants to wake up one day and find out that there’s not enough water in our area. It’s a good idea for all of us who care about sustainability and conservation of resources to limit our usage of water whenever possible. If you don’t want your lawn turning into a dust bowl, consider watering it less frequently.

Enjoy the Results

There’s something very satisfying about a green, lush lawn. A beautiful, healthy lawn takes hard work and some know-how. Keep these tips in mind when you start caring for your lawn — and enjoy your reward!

It Is Your Lawn and We Want to Maintain It

Using a lawn care company like ours, your lawn will be taken care of at a pace you can set. We know that time isn’t always on your side, and we are willing to work with you when it comes to scheduling times and days for mowing or other services. We want your lawn cared for but also understand there is a balancing act between available time, money, and our environment. Our years of experience allows us to provide a service tailored perfectly for our clients needs. For more information about what we offer, please contact us today!



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