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How Do You Care For Your Lawn All Year Round?

Like any living organism, you need to care for your lawn twelve months out of the year for it to stay healthy and to avoid long-term problems. There are proven steps you can take to maximize the vitality of your unique lawn, and you don’t have to go it alone — there are experts who can help you!

The Importance of Seasonal Lawn Care

Things That Are Ruining Your Lawn
Professional knowledge is vital to keep your lawn healthy all year round

If you want to get the most out of your lawn, you’ll need to understand how to care for your lawn during all four seasons. Knowing what methods of weed control are effective in the spring versus in the fall, or when to add fertilizer can make the difference between a dull and patchy lawn when spring arrives and a green oasis that becomes the envy of every neighbor. In addition to year-long attention, a healthy lawn requires skill and know-how to maximize the capability of your specific lawn and not unintentionally make things worse.

How SecureLawn’s Seven Series Can Help Keep Your Lawn Healthy All Year

SecureLawn’s Seven Series is a year-round customized lawn care solution that keeps your lawn happy and healthy whether there’s sun in the sky or snow on the ground. As part of SecureLawn’s Seven Series, customers are assigned a professional licensed lawn care technician who can assess the unique needs of your lawn and implement a plan that works. The Seven Series includes pre-emergent weed control in the winter and early spring months to proactively banish harmful weeds before they have the chance to appear and the application of top quality fertilizer at strategic times of year to improve the overall color and density of your lawn.

Do yourself a favor — reach out to SecureLawn today for an estimate on setting up your own Seven Series solution for your lawn and find out what your lawn is truly capable of!



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