Fall Is The Perfect Time To Aerate And Seed

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If you have a large property with a ton of grass that you want to take the best possible care of, you should be looking for ways to prepare it for the growing season. Lawn maintenance is made more accessible by ensuring you take the proper steps before certain seasons arrive.

Before the arrival of winter, you should be aerating your grass to perform better in the spring. While you may think that you can leave your grass as is before winter comes, it will result in you having to do a ton of work when spring comes, and you can’t guarantee that it will look lush and green.

Fall seeding ensures lush spring lawns.

Fall seeding ensures lush spring lawns.

Aerate Lawn In Fall – Why It Is Recommended

Aerating in the fall is recommended because over the winter the soil becomes dormant. You need to deliver oxygen to the ground, so that the nutrients can stay active throughout the winter months. The grass root’s systems sometimes needs to be shaken up a bit to become stronger, which is best done through aeration.

If you don’t do this often, you may experience low quality grass in the spring. If you work with a lawn maintenance company, they can ensure that aeration happens at the perfect time. They will set up a schedule to aerate your property.

Seed The Lawn On Cooler Days In Fall

Seeding is so crucial in the fall, so that over the winter the seeds can absorb moisture in the ground, making them primed for the growing season in the spring. As seeds need a ton of water to hatch, it can be challenging to do this all in the spring. By planting in the autumn, you make less work for yourself the following year.

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