Fall is the Best Time of Year for Seeding

The optimum time of year to seed your lawn is in the fall. September thru November is the ideal time of year to fall seed cold season grasses in Tennessee. The dry, scorching summer has ended, and weeds and insects are less common. The seedbed is kept moist by morning dew, and the rate of evaporation is slowed by the sun’s softer rays. By seeding now, the new plants will have three moist, cold seasons to grow before the summer’s heat and disease stresses arrive. Within 10–20 days of seeding, grass seeds will begin to grow, and they will benefit from having a full growing season to develop a sturdy root system before lying dormant for the winter. It’s the ideal time to build that stunning lawn that your neighbors will enviously admire from over your fence because the soil temperatures are still warm, and the rains have been cool.

Tips for Seeding Your Lawn

Sod vs Seeding

In order to relieve compaction and provide the grassroots with a chance to establish, prepare the soil either by actively raking it or by core aerating. These methods widen the soil’s surface, allowing the seed to interact with it. For the finest long-term results, you wouldn’t just paint the house; you’d remove any existing paint, fill in any cracks with spackle, sand, prime, and then paint. It is exactly the same idea to amend the soil with any topsoil before scattering grass seed. The finest results will come from careful preparation.

It’s a good idea to fertilize the soil before planting the seeds. This will provide much-needed nourishment for both the existing turf and the new seedlings. Giving the grass plenty of nutrients as it establishes will hasten the process and improve winter hardiness. Additionally crucial is timely irrigation. The soil’s upper surface should always be wet after the seed has been planted. This can call for brief, everyday applications. Mow the lawn between 2 and 3 inches tall, which is the standard height. Do not make the error of allowing it to grow too long since this hinders the seedling’s potential to establish a beautiful crown. As long as the clippings do not block the new seed, they do not need to be collected. Suffocation can be avoided by picking up fallen leaves.

Make sure to fertilize your lawn six to eight weeks later to encourage the young grass to grow thick and healthy.

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