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Tree & Shrub Dormant Oils and Insecticide Drenches

Dormancy is a natural process of trees and shrubs, it starts during the firsts weeks of winter and extends until spring season kicks in. So, just before the winter ends and spring begins, when the temperatures are slightly above freezing, you can apply preventative methods for pest control. This is particularly important because pests make your plants their refuge during the colder months, waiting for warmer days to come and invade your precious plants. If you neglect maintenance, these nasty critters will become a big problem later on. There are two main actions you can perform to cut off most of the pesky populations.

Dormant Oilswhen to apply tree & shrub dormant oils

Dormant sprays kill overwintering insects’ larvae and eggs, and fungal diseases that can put at risk your garden plants next spring. You can apply these chemicals at the end of the freezing months on your fruit trees and other plants such as roses. Apply the oils before the buds begin to swell. Your roses can be sprayed early spring before growth begins.

Insecticide Drenches

This plant pest control technique is used when large trees cannot be effectively sprayed with insecticides. The idea is to add diluted chemicals directly to the base of the plants. The roots will absorb the product, which will go up to the leaves and repel unwanted insects. But, before starting the process, clean the area first. Things like dead leaves or mulch should be removed so the insecticide solution goes directly into the ground. Also, keep the soil around these plants moist for the next ten days after you apply the insecticide to encourage absorption.Contact experts in pest control

Plant problems vary according to the region where you live. A species that is resistant to a certain disease in one location may be disease prone to another. Contact experts in pest control to determine which is the best product and treatment for your plants.

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