Expert Advice: Professional Tips for Spring Lawn Care

As Middle Tennessee springs to life, the vibrant landscape beckons. But beneath the blossoming beauty lies your lawn, needing attention to truly thrive. Let’s dive into expert tips for spring lawn care, ensuring your backyard transforms into a lush green oasis you can proudly enjoy throughout the season.

Seasonal Timing: When and How to Start Spring Lawn Care

Vibrant spring lawn, meticulously cared for, featuring lush green grass
Achieve a lush spring lawn with expert tips for effective spring lawn care

Think of your lawn as a sleeping giant. Don’t rush the awakening! Here’s a timeline to kick-start your spring lawn care journey:

  • Mid-January-February: With soil temperatures still freezing at night, now is the time to start your initial pre-emergent application for crabgrass control. It sets the tone for the entire summer season.
  • Early March: If you haven’t already, rake away or mow over winter debris like leaves and branches to allow sunlight and air to reach the soil.
  • Mid-April: Once soil temperatures reach 60°F, it’s time that you start seeing familiar broadleaf weeds like the dreaded dandelion weed. No worries, dandelions are easy to control but you may want to allow a few treatments to take place to allow for good weed reduction of existing populations.
  • Throughout Spring: Regular mowing at the proper height (3 1/2-4 inches for cool-season grasses) encourages healthy growth and prevents weed establishment.
  • May/June: Regular balanced fertilizer applications are important for a consistent green color. These are the active months that fescue turfgrasses tiller out or expand in area, giving the illusion that your fescue is spreading out like a warm season bermudagrass would.
  • Timing of applications and rates of products applied are critical. The team of applicators at SecureLawn are professionals. This is what we do day after day!

Middle Tennessee boasts diverse landscapes, and so do its lawns! Tailor your spring care based on your unique yard:

  • Cool-season grasses (fescue): Focus on early spring pre-emergent, and balanced fertilization. Seeding or overseeding is best done in the fall. Wait untill September or October if possible.
  • Warm-season grasses (Bermuda, Zoysia): Focus on getting higher rates of nitrogen and consider warm season turf core aeration towards late May or into early June when it starts to get really warm.
  • Shaded areas: Choose sun and shade grass varieties like a good Turf Type Tall Fescue seed and adjust the mowing height slightly higher. Consider topdressing with with sand, a light compost or topsoil at times to improve soil quality.
  • Clay soil: Core Aerate every fall season to improve drainage. Add organic matter like compost or sand to promote water retention.
  • Sandy soil: Water more frequently and consider adding composted manure to improve water-holding capacity.

Don’t stop at the basics! Take your lawn care to the next level with these pro tips:

  • Water deeply and less frequently: Encourage deeper root growth by watering thoroughly (1-1.5 inches) less often.
  • Mow with sharp mower blades: This prevents ripping and tearing of grass blades and promotes healthy growth.
  • Edge regularly: Define your lawn borders for a neat and manicured look.
  • Monitor for pests like grubs and turf diseases like Brown Patch: Early detection and intervention are key to prevent major damage.
  • Seek professional help: If you’re unsure or want customized guidance, consult a professional lawn care company like SecureLawn spraying services.

Spring awakens, and so should your lawn! Keep in mind that a healthy lawn isn’t just eye candy, it’s an air purifier and soil hero! Grab your phone and call SecureLawn today. Embrace the spring spirit, and just watch your Middle Tennessee lawn flourish with these expert spring lawn care tips!



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