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Enjoy Your Garden All Year with Year-Round Pest Control

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Your garden is the closest, most accessible vacation spot for you, and you should be able to enjoy it. 

You can lay on the cool grass under the summer sun and sip lemonade or arrange an intimate dinner at night for your close friends and family. Your outdoor space should be safe and accessible whenever you feel like taking a break, being in nature, or throwing a get-together in an outdoor setting. This is why it is essential to attain year-round pest control services.

Several bugs can infect your outdoor space, making it challenging for you to enjoy your garden. 

Your Garden’s Worst Enemy: Aphids

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Dont leave your garden unattended

If your leaves are yellowing or feel sticky to the touch, the chances are that your garden is infested by Aphids which are tiny bugs that suck the juice out of your stems. This can lead to fungal diseases in plants that are transferrable to other plants. Other insects also infest plants that are plagued by Aphids due to the sweet secretion they release.

When Cabbage Maggots Visit, They Don’t Intend to Leave

The biggest sign of cabbage maggots is plants that stop growing suddenly, even when you’re doing everything to help nourish them. These insects destroy vegetable plants and wilt foliage. The worst part is that they lay eggs at the root of your plant, which is almost impossible to see, so preventing cabbage maggot infestation is a better solution than removing them from your plant.

No Sleep for the Wicked Cutworms

While you sleep at night, cutworms feast on your plants. These insects live up to their name as they literally cut through the roots and stems of your plants. If your plants are old and strong, cutworms can still cause significant damage to them.

Japanese Beetles Have a Big Appetite

These beautiful little creatures consume far more than other insects, and they get their nutrition from eating your plant. Japanese beetles don’t waste anything; they consume the entire plant with ease, along with the pretty flowers. While they enjoy your plant, their larvae eat at your plant’s roots, completely destroying them.

There are several more insects that your plants should be scared of, making your garden an unsafe space for you, your kids, and your pets. Year-round pest control will help keep these insects at bay and enjoy your outdoor space throughout the seasons.



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