Don’t Let Weeds Ruin Your Lawn – Always Stay Ahead Of What Is Coming!

It’s no secret that weeds can ruin the look of your lawn and undo all the hard work you have put in to keep it looking great. Thankfully, there are some simple considerations that you can follow to ensure that your lawn remains weed-free throughout the year. When you enlist the help of a professional lawn care service like Securelawn for weed control, our SEVEN SERIES program just make a lot of sense to help you keep your lawn looking its best all year long.

Pre-Spring and Spring Weed Control

Pre-Spring is the ideal time to start taking preventive steps against weeds and prevent them from taking over your lawn. The right herbicide applied at the right time can make all the difference in keeping your lawn looking clean. During the pre-spring period, you most likely will have more weeds each and every year than in the active growing season. It’s time to get a jumpstart on the winter weeds that may be out like henbit, chickweed and wild garlic/onion to mention a few.

Keep in mind many of these winter weeds have hardened off from the extreme cold winter weather they have just come through. Their leaf tissue is thicker, more mature and herbicides may not penetrate the foliar tissue easily the first time. You always want to allow the first few treatments to take place every spring to allow for existing winter weed populations to decline significantly.

Spring Dandelion Season

You ever notice how in the pre-spring dandelions are almost non-existent early on and then show up in droves during March, April and May?

Why’s that?

Well first it’s because dandelion seeds need a precise soil temperature and moisture range to germinate. On top of that, dandelions then need the sunlight and daytime temperatures above ground to flourish and multiply.

Both in the spring and summer growing season is a great time to control all broadleaf weeds in your lawn. With the warmer temperatures and plentiful rain, weeds are likely to pop up throughout your lawn. To effectively tackle the problem, SecureLawn uses a proven post-emergent herbicide to reduce broadleaf weed populations that may have germinated late in the spring. With regular application schedule, you can keep weeds at bay and enjoy a beautiful, healthy lawn all summer long.

Fall Weed Control

By following these tips and techniques, you can protect your lawn from unwanted weeds during the fall season and ensure that it looks its best all year round.

  1. Post-emergent: A post-emergent herbicide program starting in the pre-spring will control weeds that have already germinated. This type of weed control method is most effective if applied with multiple applications during the growing season.
  2. Thick Lawn: The best defense against weeds is a thick lawn. The two best ways to get a thick lawn is by proper fertilization at timely intervals and by seeding your fescue lawn every fall period during September, October and early November.
  3. Autumn Herbicide Treatments: If you seed your lawn early into September, you must wait until that new turf grows and matures enough to safely apply a herbicide. Once you are able to mow your grass 3-4 times, that’s considered a cultural shock to that young grass and then you will be able to apply a post emergent herbicide again, safely to broadleaf weeds that may be popping up.

Winter Weed Control

Another cultural shock to young turfgrass lawns besides mowing 3-4 times is extreme cold conditions that include multiple rounds of heavy frost conditions or subfreezing evening temperatures. These freezing conditions will harden off a young grass plants quickly allowing for the opportunity to apply broadleaf weed control safely if needed.

Secure Lawn offers a Seven-Series Year Long Lawn Care Program. Get in contact with us today for more information!



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