Dedication to Caring for Our Environment and How We Are Doing It

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When it comes to lawn care, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. At Secure Lawn, we believe that the right way to do it involves taking the time to ensure our practices are beneficial to both you and the environment, which is we have written numerous posts describing the ways that you can make lawn care more eco-friendly. With that said, here is a brief explanation about how our lawn technicians make sure to put the environment first as part of our lawn care routines.

The Importance of Aeration

One of the best ways to make lawn care more eco-friendly is to make aeration a regular part of the routines used by our lawn technicians. This process involves perforating the soil, creating numerous small holes in the ground. What this does is help the water, air, and nutrients to more easily be absorbed by the grassroots.

aerating your lawn

Aerating a lawn once every two or three years is often frequent enough.

This prevents the lawn roots to become starved of these vital elements all because of compacted soil. To help make sure that the grassroots remain as strong as possible, it is highly recommended to aerate the lawn at least once every couple of years.

How to Water Responsibly

A lot of homeowners have a tendency to overwater or incorrectly water their lawns, trees, and shrubs. To help make it beneficial for both your yard and the environment, it is important that you are never watering more than twice a week, even for things like sports turf.

And when you do water, make sure you do it early in the morning and continue watering until it is able to seep at least five or six inches into your soil. This deep watering technique is important for developing healthy roots for trees and shrubs as well as grass.

By following these tips, our lawn technicians are able to help keep residential lawns, sports turf, and any other greenery in healthy condition while also benefiting the environment. To get our professional services, make sure to contact us at Secure Lawn today.

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