Identify weeds

Dallis Grass, Johnson Grass & Crab Grass

How to Identify These Weeds and Treat Them?

If you are looking for a simple guide to identify weeds that ruin your turf and learn how to kill them, you have come to the right place. Our specialists in grass management have built a list of the three most common invaders in your turfgrass.

Dallis Grass

Dallisgrass (Paspalum dilatatum) is a coarse-texture meaning perennial who’s leaf blades range from 1/4–1/2 inch compared to desirable thinner turf grasses. It grows in an ever-enlarging circular clump. If not controlled on time, its outer rings will continue smothering all the turf grasses they encounter until it overtakes the whole area. Its short rhizomes root easily in sandy or clay soils, making it difficult to control.

Prevent the establishment of new plants by digging young plants out before they form rhizomes or set seed. When abundant mature plants are established, or the plants are located over a large area, supplement cultural practices with herbicides are a must.

Johnson Grass

weed management in tennesseeSorghum halepense most commonly known as Johnsongrass is a perennial grass weed that invades homeowners beautiful turf. The leaf blades are about 1 inch wide and can reach 2ft long. Its system of rhizomes allows this plant to rapidly spread, growing up to 7 feet tall. Plus, it produces large amounts of yellow to purplish seeds that develop in the fall, occurring in a large, spreading, open seed head.

Prevention is key to avoid this ingrate invader from ruining your lawn because the weed spreads in multiple ways. Tilling soil every few weeks in summer is effective. Keeping the turf thick and healthy will discourage the invasion of Johnson grass.

Crab Grass

This weed takes its name from the way it grows. Its stems radiate out from the center of the grass clump, resembling crab legs. Besides its particular way of growing, it can be very easy to identify as crabgrass grows in the thin and bare spots in your lawn. It can quickly become a problem during the summer because it loves hot and dry conditions.

Spring is the best time to take action before it becomes a nuisance in the summer. The trick to maintaining this weed is by mowing at the proper height according to your turf type, feeding your lawn regularly, and watering lawns deeply will discourage crabgrass from invading your green areas.grass management specialists

If the weed has taken over your lawn, it’s time to contact the lawn specialist at Secure Lawn. We offer the best weed control methods in Tennessee.



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