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Consistent and Professional Lawn Care for HOA Property Maintenance

Many homeowners find HOA guidelines confusing. With every community having a unique set of regulations, it can get tricky knowing where to look for the right information. Even if you have read a little bit about general HOA guidelines, they vary from one area to another. 

Examples of some common lawn care for HOA guidelines include 

  • Limitations on lawn sculptures or statues 
  • Using a specific plant palette that has been previously approved 
  • Restrictions on the size and number of trees 
  • Specific fencing requirements 

Finding a Company

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These rules are in place to ensure your community looks great. Failing to abide by the specific rules of your community can lead to repercussions. Finding a great company that specializes in lawn care for HOA can ensure you stay on top of your local regulations. 

Professional companies are experts in the field. They will be able to guide you through your HOA guidelines so you can have peace of mind knowing you aren’t breaking any of the rules and regulations. 

Benefits of Using a Professional Company

Highly qualified and trained staff will have the expertise to implement cost-effective and successful HOA landscape maintenance for your community. They may also be able to offer you discounts on bulk purchases for your yard, helping to save money on your HOA. 

Using a lawn care for HOA company also means you don’t have to pay for any equipment purchases or storage costs yourself. 

Professionals are aware of all federal and local environmental and safety laws. Hiring the experts, therefore, shifts some of the responsibility onto the company, reducing your liability. 

Contact Secure Lawn, the lawn care for HOA experts, for a price estimate on our services. We can keep everything consistent for you so that your garden contributes to a stunning community. 



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