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How Compost Can Benefit Lawn Health

Reasons to Top Dress Your Lawn

Take advantage of the final days of spring to nourish your lawn the healthy way with organic compost. Whether you make it at home or you buy some at your landscape supplier, using organic compost to encourage grass in your yard, protects your family and pets from harmful chemical fertilizers and herbicides. Here are the main benefits of adding compost to your lawn.

Enhances Lawn Color

Incorporating compost into soil adds nutrients to your soil (like nitrogen) and dramatically improves soil structure and texture. That means that it will better retain nutrients, moisture, and air for the betterment of your lawn, trees, and plants. The result is greener grass.

Improves Soil Quality

Reasons to Top Dress Your Lawn

The key to having green grass throughout the year is by keeping it in top condition. That means having a soil full of earthworms, beneficial insects and fungi, as well as healthy bacteria and microorganisms. Compost should be damp (but not waterlogged), not packed tight, allowing the grassroots to travel through it to deeper water sources easily.

Compost will stop your soil from becoming nutrient deficient and compacted. Add compost at least two times a year, to boost the quality of your dirt and transform even sandy or clay-heavy soils into an ideal place for turf to grow.

Saves Water

By improving the structure of your soil, you can improve its moisture retention reducing the water intake your lawn needs to keep it up. Plus, soil that is rich in organic matter is less prone to compaction, which means that it will hold more water as well.

Reduces Negative Impact of Non-Organic Fertilizers

tips on good lawn practicesSpreading just a quarter-inch of compost over an existing lawn is one of the best ways to substitute artificial fertilizers. The natural compounds on quality compost will promote radiant health of your landscapes without harming the environment.

Want a healthy lawn? Feed the soil with organic compost. For more tips on good lawn practices, contact Secure Lawn. Our turfs specialist will be more than happy to assist you.



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