How to Care for the Lawn in Winter

How to Care for the Lawn in Winter

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Even though most grass species will go dormant during the winter, you can still perform some lawn care tips to make it endure the coldest days of the year.


aerating your lawnJust before the first expected frost date in Murfreesboro, TN, it is recommended to aerate. The trick is to make holes across your lawn for planting seeds. All you need is a spade to lift out spikes of soil across your lawn. For large areas, it is best to contact professionals to help you with this task.


After aerating your lawn, it is an ideal time to apply fertilizer. Applying this product gives your grass the essential nutrients it needs as it prepares for winter. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer package. This will also help prevent pests, weeds, and diseases from moving in once it warms up. Never fertilize when the soil is frozen, do it in autumn, when temperatures are still in the 50s.

Use Rock Salt Wisely

Rather than applying road salt, try to shovel more snow. And, if you have to use this product, try to apply less rock salt in the areas near your lawn. Otherwise, specific products will help control the snow and ice, such as cat litter or Scotts Ice Melt, which is four times more effective than road salts.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Rake Autumn Leaves

If you forgot to get all the fall leaves removed from the lawn before the snow arrived, address the problem if there is a thaw at some point. Rake all the leaves you find. Do not let them sit on your lawn for a long time, especially throughout the winter, as they can kill turf crowns. They can also encourage mold, which leads to minor lawn damage.

While your turfgrass may not need as much maintenance in the winter as it does in spring, summer, and fall, you don’t want to leave it unattended. Taking care of it during the coldest months of the year will pay off in the next season.

Hire Lawn Professionals

Give your grass the royal treatment by hiring professional lawn services. Your winter to-do list should include steps to take during the frosty season to help ensure that your lawn will be healthy and lush next spring and summer. Call us at 615-893-8455 to learn how we can help.



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