Best Type of Grass to Plant in Tennessee Temperate Climate

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Every homeowner has different intentions and aesthetic preferences for the exterior of their property. Enlisting the assistance of professionals that know the technical and the practical ins and outs of lawn care is the surest way to make your vision a reality.

The Professionals Will Listen to Your Needs and Desires

In temperate climates like Tennessee, it is possible to preserve color and lushness in your home’s exterior all year long. For larger families with kids and pets, retaining a level of softness is essential regardless of the season. Whatever you are looking to get out of your lawn, having grass that coincides with the climate of your location is a crucial component. Professionals consider your wishes for the aesthetic state of your property’s greenery while handling the practical details with exceptional expertise, including knowing what grass to plant in Tennessee and what is necessary at different times of year to maintain a thriving, healthy appearance properly.

aerating your lawn
Aerating a lawn once every two or three years is often frequent enough.

Grass Varieties and Their Characteristics

Grass to plant in Tennessee comes in both warm and cool-season varieties, as Tennessee is located in what is known as a “transition zone” to lawn care specialists. This essentially means the summers are too hot to allow for many cool-season strains to thrive, and winters can get too cold for several warm varieties; therefore, lawn care in this region calls for special attention. Here are some popular strains that grow well in the state’s seasons:

  • Kentucky Bluegrass – Cool season, possesses strong underground stems which allow for superior recovery over other cool-season strains, attractive medium to dark green when cared for properly, enters semi-dormancy during hot periods, and bounces back well when cooler temperatures return.
  • Perennial Ryegrass – Cool season, dark green, rapid germination and growth good for damaged or thin lawns, can be used with Kentucky Bluegrass, can be sensitive to ice damage.
  • Zoysiagrass – Warm season, does especially well in southern Tennessee, light to medium green, quick and prolific growth, not tolerant to heavy frosts.

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