Avoid Lawn Damage From Heavy Holiday Decorations

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It’s all fun and games while you prepare your lawn and garden for the holidays. Decorating can be exciting, from using large ornaments, bright lights, and loud music, but not too much that can annoy your neighbors. It’s only the day after the last day of the holiday season when you start noticing all the dead and brown patches on the grass. Heavy decorations might look good in the meantime, but they do equally severe damage to your yard. How can you avoid lawn damage during and after the holiday season?

Here are some tips to help you minimize the damage.

Avoid Using Heavy Decorations as Much as You Can

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It’s no surprise that the heavier your decorations are, the more damage there will be on your lawn. But, there is a way to avoid it. No rule says that you have to use heavy decoration pieces. They just have to look good. So, why not use lighter weighing decoration items instead?

Keep Rotating Your Decorations to Avoid Lawn Damage 

If you keep lighter decoration items in the same place for long periods of time, they can prove to be damaging to the garden and the grass. To avoid damaging your lawn, it’s better to keep changing the placement of the law decoration. Doing so helps your grass to breathe and to get the necessary sunlight as well.

Put a Timer on Lights

Foot traffic on grass, no matter how infrequent it is, causes damage. You can even trample the grass when you walk on it to plug in and unplug out your holiday lights. In fact, grass is more prone to damage during winter months. To avoid lawn damage in this way, you can use a timer that helps the light turn off and turn off on its own at a specific time. This would help protect the grass against unnecessary damage from foot traffic. 

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