How to Have Healthy Turfgrass

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Tips to Help Your Lawn Stay Green

We discussed in a previous blog the most common reason why your grass turns brown. So you don’t have to wait until your beautiful lawn shows signs of damage, we have put together a list of tasks you can perform to prevent your yard from turning brown or dying.

  • Water the lawn early in the morning to combat fungal disease. Water generously to support a healthy grass root system.
  • Adjust the mowing height to three or more inches to encourage taller grass that will shade roots and reduce water loss from evaporation.
  • Never cut the grass with dull blades on your lawnmower to avoid having brown, dead tips.
  • Perform a soil test to know what are the best amendments for your lawn.Tips that Will Help Your Lawn Stay Green
  • Avoid exceeding the amount of fertilizer recommended for your lawn species.
  • Follow healthy lawn care practices, including fertilizing in spring, summer, and fall. Regular fertilization and proper watering help the grass stay healthy enough to resist infection.
  • Avoid spills of gasoline (when filling your mower).
  • It is recommended for your dog to do its business elsewhere. Urine is acidic and will alter the pH of the soil. In excess, it will make your grass turn brown.

Determining if Your Grass is Dormant (brown) or Dead

To know what is going on with your turfgrass, tug on the grass, if the plants pull out from the ground quickly, you have dead grass. If the roots hold when pulled, it means your plants are dormant. The other way is to observe your grass when it starts to rain or when you water it. Dormant grass will revive with water, while dead grass will not come back to life.

If you need help preventing brown grass, or need to install a new turfgrass in Tennessee, contact Secure Lawn.

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