5 Amazing Lawn Care Tips to Keep Your Yard Beautiful Over Winter

The pre-winter season is an ideal time to take care of your yard for the next few months. This article will discuss a few key tasks you can tackle in order to keep your yard beautiful.

One step ahead of your winter lawn maintenance

Pre winter lawn care is vital to keep it beautiful during the chilling season

Although winter means limited outdoor time, it also offers a perfect opportunity to plan for the upcoming spring. Here are some lawn care tips to keep your yard beautiful this winter.

  1. Mow your Lawn: Mowing your lawn a bit shorter in the late fall months when nighttime temperatures get sub-freezing will help harden off your turf making it winter ready.
  2. Apply a Winterizer Treatment: Applying winterizer treatment late fall will help provide essential nutrients for your turf for winter food storage when temperatures moderate somewhat. It will also provide timely weed control for winter weed populations just now germinating.
  3. Rake Leaves: Raking leaves can be a lot of work, but it’s important to do so before they decompose and create thatch on top of your grass.
  4. Mulch: Lightly mulching your shrubs is an excellent way to protect your plants from frost and wind during extended sub-freezing winter temperatures avoiding environmental damage.
  5. Late Season Trimming: Speaking of your shrubs, it’s always good to have your landscape nice and tidy before the holiday season comes around. Be sure to trim back any unsightly growth on your shrubs and any low hanging trees.

Get professional lawn care services

Just remember that SecureLawn Spraying Services in Murfreesboro can handle your lawns winterization needs with top quality fertilizers and herbicides and put it down at the precise timeframe required.

Your final considerations for your lawn to get it looking its best might include some additional efforting from your creative side.

Now that you have the outdoor lawn work completed and looking great, it’s time to consider putting out a few holiday season decorations. As the year comes to an end, it’s time to consider putting up a few holiday season outdoor decorations even if it’s just a few Christmas lights.

Remember it all begins with SecureLawn Spraying Services that will get your turf healthy and your seasonal broadleaf weeds under control.

Holiday decorations can bring cheer, change the mood and make you feel prepared for the holiday season. Besides, these days it’s hard to miss that both Thanksgiving and Christmas are both still coming to your neighborhood, even if you don’t put up any decorations so you might as well get busy and make your lawn beautiful.



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