3 Care Tips For Your Lawn In Fall

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One of the best ways that you can ensure you have a gorgeous green yard is by preparing. Preparation is critical for the grass to find its roots and become lush. One of the best times to prepare is during the fall. It would be best if you prioritized lawn care throughout the fall so that you have less maintenance to do the following spring. 

Keep Your Grass Fresh And Ready For Fall

One of the best ways to ensure your grass does not suffer come the fall is by maintaining it. Ensure that you are mowing throughout the summer so that it does not get too long. As the weather is moister and cooler in the fall, it can become muddy and overrun with weeds if you do not mow it. 

It would help if you also were fertilizing and ensuring that you are actively taking out any weeds should they pop up. 

Fall seeding ensures lush spring lawns.

Fall is the ideal time to prepare your lawn for the following year.

3 Tips For Fall Lawn Care

To ensure your grass stays beautiful in the fall, try out these tips:

  1. Remove leaves and ensure no other debris lying around as this can rot and kill the grass underneath. This step is critical to lawn care.
  2. Always keep the grass short so that weeds stay visible, and you can easily remove them. 
  3. Loosen the soil through regular aeration. Aeration is also going to help the root systems making your spring grass much healthier. 

By actively taking a role in fostering a healthy lawn, you ensure you don’t spend a bunch of money doing damage control. Your grass will experience intense stress throughout the winter, but you can limit this stress if you take the right preliminary steps. 

Contact us today to find out some other ideas for fall maintenance. You would be surprised at the difference maintenance makes in ensuring a healthy lawn all year long. 

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