Lawns in the Middle Tennessee area will react to cooler weather in the fall by entering a period of domancy (Bermuda and Zoysia) or extremely slow growth (Fescue). The Fall (Oct-Dec) is the optimal time frame to apply a “winterizer” treatment. Our Series VI winterization treatment primarily focuses on maintaining a healthy root system in addition to help the winter month, it is important for your lawns roots to continue growing as long as possible. This underground growth results in healthier grass plants for the following season.


What is our Series VI winterizer and why is it important to my lawn?

In the fall, grass is actually storing nutrients for the approaching weather. Whether you have a cool season (Fescue / Rye) or warn season (Bermuda / Zoysia) out customized spraying programs will provide optimal food storage for your turf over the winter months. When the turf grass is storing energy, the single most important nutrient at that time is phosphorus. Its key role is in the storage and transfer of energy within the plant and root system – and that is what grass is doing in the late fall. Phosphorus also promotes a tolerance to the cold weather and foot traffic. Finally, we add a post-emergent weed control to help prevent unwanted winter annual weeds from invading your lawn.

For those that seeded this fall you should begin to see germination after 3 weeks of proper watering. You can begin mowing on an as needed basis after this period. You will soon begin planning your final mowing and ideally you will want your grass to be short by the time of the first frost so the base of the grass can receive as much sun exposure as possible. A well cropped height is not below 2 1/2 in. It is also important to keep the wet leaves off of your turf areas over the winter months.


What’s the next treatment?

As a reminder, our SixSeries program is re-occurring from year-to-year. Your next scheduled treatment is our Series I application that we will begin applying in ate January / February 2014. This is considered on of the most important Series of the year. Series I consists of a pre-emergent weed control and fertilizer.


Are there any special offers?

2014 Pre-pay discount– recieve a discount for pre-paying for the SixSeries program in 2012. We will send out letters by the 1st of the year stating your discount.

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