Maintaining Your Sports Turf Never Has to Be an Impossible Task

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The maintenance of sports turf can be a tedious, detail-oriented job, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible one. It is important to give the proper care to these fields to keep them as safe as possible for athletes of all ages. As a sports turf provider, you want that grass to be durable, healthy, and up to its optimum conditions to withstand the inevitable abuse suffered during use.

How to Make Your Field Look Its Best

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For the most part, turf is generally under stressful conditions as it gets torn out of the ground, leaving very little chance of regrowth. Depressions and unlevel areas in the field can cause water to drain unevenly, causing patches of dried grass throughout which, in turn, gives way to disease and insects to settle in the leaves and roots.

Areas to Look into for Better Sports Turf:

  • Healthy soil is essential for grass to grow naturally. It is recommended to use organic matter when possible to help grass regrow; roots will grow deeper, healthier, and they will have the chance to come back when torn during a game.
  • Irrigation is critical for the maintenance of any grass and sports turf. When too much water is used, it can lead to fungus and many other kinds of unhealthy pathogens, causing the lawn to die and not regrow.
  • There are many types of hearty grasses suitable for sports fields. Bermuda grass works great since it is best in hot climates during warm months and for cooler months, a mixture of ryegrasses is recommended.

Pest infestation is a problem with most lawns, but a proactive turf management can help battle this issue by not over or under-watering the field, and using insecticides when needed. Regular aeration helps grasses to keep oxygenated and healthy. You can prevent the use of pesticides by keeping a close eye on the health of your lawn.Secure Lawn Logo

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For your sports turf needs, call SecureLawn. We are ready to provide the knowledge, expertise, and most of all, the best customer service experience around. Contact us today!

Middle Tennessee’s Scales and Mites: Prevention and Management

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There is an enormous amount of scales and mites species in Middle Tennessee, which makes it a bit too long to list them all. Instead, we want to focus on how to prevent and manage them to avoid an outbreak so your trees and shrubs can grow healthy and have your property looking beautiful.

Preventing Scales and Mites

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Overall maintenance of your property is the best way to make sure pest outbreaks don’t happen to you, as it is easier than having to attempt to kill all the critters that have moved into your lawn and yards.

 * Keep it Clean *

Maintaining your yard clean and trimmed is the perfect way to not allow pests from inhabiting trees and shrubs.


* Inspection *

Take a walk around your property and do a detailed inspection of the trees and shrubs to determine if there is a pest problem. The “walk around” is a great way to identify if your plants are suffering from a disease caused by scales or mites.


* Target Areas Where Leaves and Water Build Up *

It is easy to leave depression areas around trees and shrubs unattended, allowing for leaves and water to collect in a pool. This common mistake gives room for larvae, pathogens, and bacteria to grow in, which in turn, is where scales and mites come to feed and reproduce. To prevent an infestation, make sure this build-up of leaves and water does not happen.

Pest protection in Middle Tennessee

Pest Management

A powerful way to alleviate a scales and mite infestation in your landscaping is by using pesticides and chemicals that prevent their reproduction. SecureLawn is Middle Tennessee’s leading expert in preventing and removal of pest infestations.

We have a unique Pest Management Program that eliminates pests and prevents them from destroying your trees and shrubs:

  1. Dormant Oil (December – March): this application is designed to control various plant-destroying pests, including scales and mites. This time-sensitive treatment is applied in the early part of the season.
  2. Root Fertilization (Spring – March-May): helps plants recover from winter stress and helps maintain a more vigorous landscape throughout the growing season.
  3. Insect Control (Spring – March-May): designed to control plant-damaging insects. Treatments contribute to reducing stress and unsightly damage caused by pests (i.e., Mites, Japanese Beetles, etc.).
  4. Insect Control (Summer – June-August): this treatment reduces plant stress caused by seasonal insects such as bagworms, lace bugs, beetles, and aphids.
  5. Optional Treatment: Insecticide Drench, a procedure where roots are soaked with a powerful insecticide that does not damage the tree, but it kills scales, mites, and unwanted insects.

Bring in the Lawn Pest Control Experts

Secure Lawn LogoSome of the difficulties of caring for your lawns and yards is not having the time to do so. Prevention and pest management can help you maintain them in good standings, allowing you to enjoy your yard without any worries.

SecureLawn has the expertise and knowledge to address pest infestations of all kinds. We can easily schedule an appointment to inspect your property and determine the proper steps to take to care of it for you. Call today!



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